ShopAnthropists in action

Extraordinary stories of everyday shoppers who use our powerful shopping and social tools to better the world around us.

You'll hear how people just like you have learned to maximize their giving, challenge friends, and wield influence when it comes to issues close to their hearts and lives.

Nicole Bookman - Valley Village, California - Elementary school teacher

"Doing more for the community is one of my New Year's resolutions and becoming a Shop-Anthropist is my first action to make that resolution become a reality. I heard about Shop-Anthropy from my godmother who has been involved with the organization for several months. I think it's a great idea because I do a lot of online shopping anyway. Why not make it benefit a good cause. I chose VH1 Save The Music as my EZ Shopper APP because I am a teacher. Keeping music in schools is very important to the children's overall development.  I will tell all my girlfriends about Shop-Anthropy. They love to shop and this will make them feel really good about it."

Janet Elkins - Pasadena, California - President of EventWorks, Inc.

"My friend Corine Couwenberg came up with a fabulous idea called Shop-Anthropy. Corine's company NonProfitShoppingMall.com creates and manages online shopping+giving. Basically it means that while you shop online you generate donations through corporate gifting programs from the retailers for a charity of your choice. I downloaded the EZ Shopper Widget for GAVI Alliance to my internet browser. Now, every time I shop online funds are being raised to help GAVI wih their mission of providing access to vaccines to children in Third World and developing countries. I am excited about ShopAnthropy because it allows any person who shops online to become a ShopAnthropist and raise funds without spending any of their own money.  In this economy we can still be philanthropic at no cost to us.

Zach Ross - Villa Park, California - High School Senior, artist.

"I don't shop that much online but I do get school supplies and games and iTunes downloads. 2.5% of any of my iTunes downloads benefit a non-profit organization so even if that is just a small amount, over the whole year it adds up and if lots of shoppers participate it can really make a difference. I chose International Campaign To Ban Landmines as my non-profit. I saw a documentary about landmines a few months ago and I was really shocked to see how they impact the population in war-torn countries, especially in Cambodia. I was already against war in general before the documentary but seeing all those people, especially children, with blown off limbs and horrible injuries from landmines really motivated me to try to help somehow. War is wrong and landmines are one of the worst aspects and that's why I am a ShopAnthropist for ICBL."

Sam Trego, San Diego, CA - President and Executive Producer of Imagination Entertainment.

"In an overbooked and overcommitted day, it's hard to research what charity is the best. And to be honest, who really has the time? I own a small business and I am raising a young child by myself, so when I leave my grocery store at night, do you think I really have the time to listen to some sales pitch about the charity that someone is collecting for? And how would I even know it's legit? So what I've found is by installing a simple app, the online shopping I normally do during the day, either for my small business or for myself, has turned into giving and it is made simple and convenient. With my schedule, if it's not easy, it's not getting done. Nonprofitshoppingmall.com has made it beyond simple for me. I chose MTV Staying Alive because so many of my friends and colleagues in the entertainment world have been affected by HIV/Aids. I went to shop.staying-alive.org and downloaded their MTV Staying Alive EZ Shopper app. With this cool app on my computer, the giving is done for me automatically and without further thought. I have found myself spending literally thousands of dollars and know that a portion of that is earmarked to help out a great cause, without it costing me a cent more than I'd normally spend! Now - I leave the grocery store with a guilt free conscience, saying to them confidently and truthfully "no thanks, I gave at the office".

Sierra Kocherhans - Huntington Beach, California - Retail Visuals Designer

I support Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) with my all my online shopping because they're a great charity that educates young women about breast cancer – all too sadly I've learned that breast cancer doesn't just strike women over 40. So because I can shop at most of the online retailers that I love and I'm doing my part to help B4BC, becoming a ShopAnthropist was a no brainer!!

Lynne Schula - Huntington Beach, California - Secret Shopper

I heard about nonprofitshoppingmall.com from my daughter. What a great concept – so now I'm a ShopAnthropist! In fact, I'm a super ShopAnthropist -- I have my computer set up for one charity and my iPhone for another. I currently support Surfrider Foundation and National Wildlife Foundation. I love it!! I can shop my favs like Groupon, save money and do good things for our ocean and our wildlife.