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The questions looming on the horizon concerning the environment and our future within that context are daunting at the very least. What can we do to reduce carbon emissions? What can we do to slow global warming? What can we do to create a healthy and sustainable environment? Who can we turn to help us address all of these issues? And whom can we support that doesn't make us have to choose between supporting public health or our air, water, land or wildlife? EarthShare is the answer to all our questions above because EarthShare appeals to individuals and businesses by offering one simple way to support a broad range of environmental and conservation concerns through their highly effective workplace giving programs. In EarthShare's payroll contribution drives, employees may pledge a small amount of each paycheck to help solve environmental problems.

Workplace giving is an ideal way to support our environment and there are several important reasons that so many people choose to give through EarthShare's payroll contribution drives:

  • Rather than write one big check to your favorite charity each year that may really wallop your wallet, you can support your favorite charities throughout the year in small, painless increments via your paycheck!
  • Because it's so painless to give this way, people tend to give more generously.
  • Unlike other donations, funds raised through workplace giving are unrestricted, meaning your favorite charities are free to apply them where they're MOST needed.
  • Choice - while EarthShare's member charities represent a wide array of environmental issues and one general donation to EarthShare can touch all of these causes, if you have a preference you may direct your gift to one or more specific member organizations.

Learn more about workplace giving, running a campaign and EarthShare in the Combined Federal Campaign. >>

Founded by its member charities in 1988, EarthShare is an opportunity for environmentally conscious employees and workplaces to support hundreds of environmental groups through workplace payroll contribution campaigns. EarthShare manages workplace-giving campaigns at hundreds of public and privates sector workplaces and provides sustainable funding for environmental and conservation groups on local, national and international levels including notable organizations such as: World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Surfrider Foundation and National Audubon Society to name but a few.

Today EarthShare represents and supports more than 400 of America's most respected environmental and conservation charities, including 39 national organizations and hundreds of local groups in 18 affiliate states. EarthShare's member organizations work hard every day to safeguard your health and the environment by combating global warming, protecting ancient forests, protecting our water from toxic contaminants, saving endangered species and so much more. The EarthShare website is rich in resources, news and calls to action that thousands of people access each month. Additionally, EarthShare's bi-weekly e-newsletter - Sharing News - offers 'green' lifestyle tips, environmental news and updates about its member organizations and state affiliates. New to EarthShare is it's very own shopping mall where a small percentage of your everyday shopping turns in to everyday giving.

EarthShare is a trusted and proven way to give to America's most respected environmental and conservation charities, whether it's through your workplace, by shopping through their very own mall or online. With their highly coveted four-star rating for sound fiscal management from Charity Navigator for several years running, EarthShare is a wise choice when it comes to supporting the environment we will eventually pass along to our children and grandchildren.


Environmental and conservation issues run the gamut from simply recycling in the workplace to reducing the pesticides and toxins in the areas where our children play and learn. While these concerns may be geologic phenomenon in part, we can all agree that mankind has exacerbated and accelerated the rate of our environmental decline and that our planet is in serious trouble. Take a closer look at what you can do to help protect our planet by exploring the issues below.

Greening Business and
The Workplace

Green businesses operate in ways that solve rather than cause environmental and social problems. Plus, going green makes business sense. >>

Climate Change

Overwhelming scientific consensus indicates that global warming is a real and significant threat to our health, our economy, and our environment. >>

Childhood Obesity and Parks / Playgrounds

Kids who are overweight are at increased risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other complications -- all of which can mean a shorter life. >>

Pesticides and Toxins in The Classroom

One of the most important ways to protect our children's health is to prevent their unnecessary exposure to pesticides and other toxins that may be used in their schools. >>

Mercury and Human Health

Preliminary estimates from the U.S. EPA have indicated that more than 630,000 newborns each year may have increased risk of learning disabilities associated with methyl mercury exposure inside their mothers' wombs. >>