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Rosa Parks 381 Mothers Of Freedom Salute

Posted on May 5th, 2008 by Corine in civil + human rights, mother's day, organic style Leave a comment

On Mother’s Day, May 11, 2008, we invite everyone to remember Rosa Parks, the Mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement, by giving bouquets of lush, vibrant red, long-stemmed, long lasting Freedom® roses to the women you know who have made a difference for freedom, whether by influencing their own personal emancipation or by helping others in achieving theirs.

The first 381 persons to purchase the Freedom® roses will have the opportunity to write a brief dedication to their special person that will be posted on the Rosa Parks website. In addition to honoring your distinctive person, sales of the specially marked Freedom® roses will benefit the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development, which is the legacy organization that Mrs. Parks co-founded with Elaine Eason Steele in 1987.

Why is the number 381 significant? Because that’s how many days a citywide bus boycott led by Martin Luther King, Jr. lasted to mark her courageous act in 1955 to remain seated rather than to stand aside while on a crowded, segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Her quite determination to remain seated and subsequent arrest for making that decision ultimately changed the course of our nation. On February 1, 1956, the Montgomery Improvement Association filed suit in the U.S. District Court, challenging the constitutionality of segregated public transportation. In June of 1956, the U.S. District Court ruled in favor of the Improvement Association and the decision declaring segregation on buses unconstitutional was adopted and implemented on December 20, 1956.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to add your ‘freedom fighter’ to the Rosa Parks public honor roll. Visit Organic Style to participate and let the world know whom you want to honor with this distinction. Orders must be received by May 7, 2008 to comfortably meet shipping deadlines. Please pass this e-mail on to others who are advocates for freedom and wish to assist in carrying on the work of Rosa Parks.

I realize we have a very short turn-around on this promotion, but we are happy to honor Mrs. Rosa Parks’ incredible legacy at Mother’s Day with our special 10% contribution offer, matched by another 10% from Organic Style for a total of 20%. We hope you will keep her in your thoughts as well by purchasing these lush, vibrant red roses through our site now and throughout the year to support The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development.

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