Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs

What is (NPSM) is a unique web-based tool that uses online shopping to drive a new revenue stream of unrestricted funds into a nonprofit organization's annual budget. NPSM is a safe and secure site where your ordinary shopping has extraordinary results. Each time a consumer shops online through the NPSM site, a contribution will be made to a nonprofit organization of his or her choosing, turning everyday shopping into everyday giving, everyday.

How does it work? allows consumers to shop online for the things they would normally buy, from the brands they would normally choose, at the prices they would normally pay. However, when a consumer chooses to shop through, a donation is also made to their favorite charity. Here's what happens:

  • All of the retailers and/or service providers listed on the site pay a commission to NPSM for sales that originate through the NPSM website. NPSM then donates a significant portion of those payments to the nonprofit selected by the consumer. The percentage noted beneath each retailer's logo represents the percentage of each consumer's purchase that is donated to the consumer's designated nonprofit. That percentage varies from retailer to retailer, and is fully disclosed on our website, along with direct links to the retailers' sites.
  • The percentage of sales that will benefit the designated nonprofit is based on the product sales price after any discounts or coupons, and excludes state sales taxes and shipping fees. Some retailers do not pay sales commissions on certain items purchased through their websites, so purchases of those items will not benefit your designated nonprofit. For example, Wedding Registry Gifts often fall into this exceptions category. Please visit the retailer's webpage for a list of their exclusions.

Does it cost more to shop through NPSM? Do I have to pay membership fees or anything extra?

No. Prices and services are the exact same you've come to expect from your favorite retail stores. No extra fees or memberships are required.

Tell me more about the EZ Shopper Widget - why should I download it?

The EZ Shopper Widget is an automated shop+give reminder and tracking system. Once the EZ Shopper Widget software is downloaded on your computer, it will ensure that all of your purchases benefit your designated nonprofit each time you shop online with any of the retailers listed on this site. And - it will continue to do so until you decide to uninstall it. The widget does what we humans don't always do - it always remembers to track your purchases to support your designated nonprofit, no matter where you start your shopping experience. So if you forget to go through this site and go directly to one of our retailers, the EZ Shopper Widget will still capture that purchase and designate your selected nonprofit as the beneficiary of the sale.

  • The EZ Shopper Widget has been designed for two different browser platforms -- Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. While the Firefox widget performs equally well on both MAC and PC, 70% of the population uses IE as its default browser. The widget works best on a computer's default browser. If you're a MAC user, it's really simple - go with the Firefox download - but if you're an IE user you would download the desktop IE widget, as the Firefox widget does not support Internet Explorer when it's a computer's default browser.
  • Instructions on how to download both versions of the widget will display once you click on the "Download The EZ Shopper" button in the top right-hand corner of our mall page.
  • After installation, shopping online and supporting your designated nonprofit with your everyday online purchases is just a matter of course.

Do I have to begin shopping from NPSM's site or can I just go directly to the retailer's site?

If you've downloaded the EZ Shopper Widget to your computer, any purchases you make from any listed retailer's website will benefit your designated nonprofit even if you don't start shopping from the NPSM site. Otherwise, you must begin on the NPSM site in order for your designated nonprofit to benefit from your online shopping. This is the only way a retailer can recognize that your purchase originated from the NPSM site, and the only way to ensure that a portion of the proceeds from your purchases go to your designated nonprofit. If you begin shopping from the NPSM site but have not selected a beneficiary nonprofit, your shopping will benefit a featured nonprofit that we've pre-selected each month to coincide with a seasonal or national charitable initiative.

I received a special offer from a retailer via email. If I go to their link via their direct email, will the nonprofit I designated on the NPSM site still benefit from the sale?

Generally, you must begin your shopping excursion from the NPSM site in order for your selected nonprofit to benefit. If you received a special coupon code or discount offer from a retailer, you can still use the coupon when you shop with that retailer from the NPSM site. Just be sure to include the discount or coupon code in your checkout process.

If you've downloaded the EZ Shopper Widget to your computer, you can simply click on the retailer's email link and the EZ Shopper Widget will track your sales to ensure that they benefit your designated nonprofit.

Can I treat the percentage amounts from my purchases that are designated to go to my selected nonprofit as a tax-deductible donation?

No. The money that goes to your designated nonprofit is being donated by NPSM, not by you, the consumer. Since it is not a direct donation, you cannot treat it as a tax-deductible contribution.

I am not familiar with any of the nonprofits listed on NPSM, but am interested in supporting certain issues. How do I choose among the nonprofits listed?

We have provided an opportunity for you to discover a range of nonprofits whose work is focused on the issues that mean the most to you. Feel free to review them at your leisure and learn more by clicking on the "explore the issues" button. If you have specific questions, feel free to use the "Contact Us" button and we'll try to assist you.

How safe is it to use my credit card when shopping through NPSM?

Each of the retailers listed on our site are well regarded and have been carefully selected based on their reputation. You will be purchasing directly from the retailer. NPSM does not have any access to your credit card or other personal information. The retailers' individual security and privacy policies can be found on each of their unique sites.

My favorite nonprofit organization isn't listed here. Can I designate my shopping to benefit them anyway?

Not until they've become one of our nonprofit partners but we would love to have you tell us about them! Feel free to use the "Contact Us button located on the lower navigation bar and tell us about the nonprofit you would like to support. We will do our best to add additional nonprofits to the site provided they meet our criteria for inclusion. In the meantime, we hope you'll choose to stay on our site and shop. If you haven't designated a particular nonprofit, your shopping will benefit the featured nonprofit that we've pre-selected each month to coincide with a seasonal or national charitable initiative.

How long will it take the charities to receive their money from NPSM?

Checks are sent to charities on a quarterly basis, 90 days in arrears. The 90 days allow retailers time to report final sales and account for merchandise returns. NPSM does not issue checks for under $50. Any charity with a balance below $50 will have the balance carried forward quarterly until $50 accrues.

How does a nonprofit organization become an NPSM beneficiary?

To be considered for participation on the site, a nonprofit must agree to comply with state charitable solicitation regulatory requirements. Please click on the "Contact Us" button located on the lower navigation bar and tell us about the nonprofit -- please include its mission statement and a brief description of its work. We will review the nonprofit's information, and if we determine it qualifies to be an NPSM beneficiary, we will contact the nonprofit directly.