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Jasmine’s Summer Retail Picks

Posted on July 27th, 2009 by Mire in boden, corporate responsibility, kids clothing, old navy, piperlime, the gap 0 Comments

Summer is upon us and to me that means fun with fashion. All year long I look forward to those warm summer days that allow me to frolic around in my tube dresses and funky wedge sandals. It’s even more exciting to play dress up with my chic little 9-year-old daughter. Below are some highlights of my daughter’s favorite styles and mine this season. I would particularly like to spotlight Boden as my top pick for the best summer apparel for kids.


Hotchpotch Sundress $24.00
Made of 100% cotton, here is a completely charming dress, which works brilliantly over a t-shirt in the spring or without when it’s hotter.


Surf Suit $31.00
The sun is fun but being burnt isn’t. This adorable little surf suit is perfect for those summer beach days and provides great sun protection. Not to mention, every boy loves to look like a pirate these days and skulls will always be in fashion.


Baby Surf Suit $28.00
Your baby might not be riding the waves yet but that’s no reason not to invest in this dashing surf suit. Best worn over a swim nappy, the surf suit is exceedingly well thought out, machine washable and providing good coverage in the sun. Provides Sun Protection, UPF 40+ & is quick drying and conforms to EN standards and makes your babies bum look cute.



Summer fashion means more than just easy breezy cottons and bathing suits. As we grow closer to September many of us are planning our back to school shopping. We have our checklists….blouses, dresses, pants, shorts, jackets, uniforms (for some) and last but most definitely not least, the kids need a good pair of shoes. As parents we are inclined to buy the “sensible” shoe over the “trendy” shoe. At Piperlime you will find a huge variety of sensibly trendy shoes, and many of them at a fraction of the competitive cost. You’re children will think you’re the coolest and you can feel confident that you’re money was well spent.



Old Navy is somehow always ahead of the curve when it comes to children’s fashion. Everything they have to offer makes me wish they made it in my size. From tops to shoes to swimsuits to accessories, Old Navy is a one stop shopping experience for the entire family. Just look at my picks below. The best part is Old Navy is so affordable and they have fantastic sales all-year round.



For many years I resisted the coolness that is The Gap. When it comes to decorating myself I tend to flock towards more of the “do-it-yourself” style. Then I became a mom and the rest is history. I can’t deny that The Gap has irresistibly cute rags for the little ones. My daughter struts proudly in her sundresses and mini totes from The Gap. She may not look like me in my cut up t-shirts and restored vintage wear, but trust me, she gets more looks than I do for her sassy get ups.


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