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Getting’ the Goods While Doing Good

Posted on January 12th, 2009 by Mire in arts, media + culture, barnes & noble, bbc america shop, bbc canada shop, borders, corporate responsibility, gaiam, lonely planet, national geographic, our green house, shop pbs 0 Comments

However fondly one looks upon the holiday season; with its flurry of parties, family visits, family recipes and a few too many egg-nog lattes, the new year always brings a sense of renewal. A sense that something’s gonna change or maybe that something’s gotta change. So what’s this sense of change about really and why does it appear to have a greater sense of urgency than in years past? With an economic downturn that’s affecting the entire international community, ongoing climate change issues and escalating political strife in so many areas worldwide, there’s definitely something different in the air. The springs of this New Year seem to be wound pretty tight — less like a nagging mother telling you to clean your room and more like a call to action to help find a solution for the mess we appear to be in.

One of the best ways to be a part of the solution is to be informed. The following media retailers offer access to that much needed information while earmarking a goodly percentage of every sale to YOUR favorite cause.

We all know and love Borders and Barnes & Nobles. But have you checked them out online lately? They both have beautiful, easy-to-use sites and you can designate up to 2.5% (Barnes & Noble) or 3% (Borders) of every sale to your chosen nonprofit group. With so many books, DVD’s and music at your fingertips you’re passions and interests will be sparked anew. These retailers ship within the US and to Canada.

Often the best way to learn about a country’s history is to take flight and explore the sites yourself. Lonely Planet believes that the more travelers know about the people and places they’re visiting, the more they’ll enjoy their trip and the less negative impact their presence will have. To this end, the guidebooks offer information on customs, etiquette, history, religion, art and politics. Lonely Planet authors are experienced, insightful travel experts. Their products will help with every part of your journey, guiding you with ease from the planning stages to the experience. Social Responsibility is high on their corporate to-do list and a hefty 7.5% of your purchases can be designated to help support your nonprofit of choice. This retailer ships within the US and to Canada.

BBC online is now available to us Yanks, as well as to our Canadian friends through two separate sites. All of North America can now shop easily for Britain’s best in books, videos music and more. Their tag line says it all — entertaining, informing, inspiring — couple that with up to 3.8% of sales available for you to earmark to go to your favorite charity and BBC online will quickly turn into an all-around favorite resource center.

The quality of media available through the National Geographic website is as fascinating and fun as it is educational. Whether your passion lies with people and culture, nature and animals or space and science – you can bring the phenomenal poignancy of National Geographic magazine to life on your television (or computer screen) while traveling through history and into the future. Everyone who craves colorful information about life on this planet and beyond needs to become familiarized with this great site. Earmark 4% of whatever you buy toward your favorite cause and explore the world. This retailer ships within the US and to Canada.

Similarly Shop PBS has an amazing site full of good-for-your-head books and shows. Enjoy all their great well-known programs and so much more. Spend cozy evenings in the company of family and friends while learning something new or taking a deeper look into a favorite topic. Learn and give 5% to your cause while in pursuit of knowledge. This retailer ships within the US and to Canada.

Our Green House and Gaiam are great outlets to learn more about healthy and sustainable living for both you and the environment. These sites are more than just shops — in fact, they are like training centers, in that they provide so much great information on all things green. If your lifestyle is in need of a redesign, you’ll find a fresh template here. Designate 4% of every sale to the charity that you’re most passionate about and start experiencing change… see – you’re becoming more Zen already. These retailers ship within the US.

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Green Gift Guide

Posted on December 8th, 2008 by Mire in arts, media + culture, christmas, coop america, fair trade, gifts, green, greenfest, hanukkah, holiday, jewelry, made in america, recycled, sustainability, teens 0 Comments

from stocking stuffers to show stoppers…
it’s the

all items are either Recycled, Sustainable, Made in America or all of the above

We’ve highlighted this amazing company before in our blogs and well… we’re at it again. We’re not playin’ favorites either, it’s just that they seriously have some of the most unique recycled, reused and sustainable gifts out there! At uncommon goods, your whole family can be satisfied and greenified in a one-stop, shopping binge! But if you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

For Mom: Elegant and sophisticated beauty. Melissa Borrell 18KT “Pop Out” Earrings, $58. Recycled red record Vinyl Cuff Bracelet, $55. Josh Jakus Modern Wool Clutch made from excess industrial wool from American factories, $95.

For Dad: Masculine and unique…Modern Ring handmade from stainless steel and ebony — designed by Ryan Wither and Paul Lewin, $45. Pool Ball Bottle Stoppers made from found pool balls, $30. Handmade Philips Head Screw Cuff Links – designed by LeeAnn Herreid, $85.

For The Teens: Accessorize your favorite young-person with the coolest of green fashion! Recycled Skateboard Earrings, $32.00. Wool Felt Wrist Cuffs, $39. Guitar Picks get a second-life as jewelry, $30 – $60. And what goes around comes around with these necklaces made from vintage record-parts, $25.

For The Home: Clean n’ Green! Nagelburste nailbrush and household cleaning “toothbrushes” are handmade in Berlin at the former Home for the Blind by its team of 15 blind craftspeople. Nail brush $28, set of “teeth” for $80.

Us greenies, who love technology, practical, good-looking design and who dream of using sci-fi inspired gadgets, have been dying for this technology to finally be on the market. So without further ado… The Voltaic Generator: Solar Powered Briefcase Bag that has enough juice to charge your laptop for hours! For the tech-ecoist in your life, this is THE perfect gift. $599.

When you’re ready for the “grown up” apartment or simply upgrading your current living space, make Vivavi your first stop. Welcome to sustainable modernity at it’s best! For every room in your house there’s a classic eco design sure to add style and sophistication to your increasingly greener home. Recycled steel The Hive Bench $1,790, Molded Wool Soft Bowls $39, Bamboo iPod Dock $150.

Again – here’s a company that you’ll want to check out if innovative design, coupled with sustainability, is your rap. On top of your contribution, Feel More Human will give 1% of your sale to the planet through their 1% For The Planet initiative. For a fashion forward gift for two, take a look at Nixon’s extraordinary wrap-watches in Bamboo, $200-$225.

Should you find yourself in a shopping quandary because your gift’s recipient is someone who seems to have just about everything — here’s a gift idea that’s unique and sure to grow smiles. Arrange for your gift tree to be planted in the state or listed country of your choice. Each TreeGivers gift tree supplements the natural resources of our Earth and brings life and beauty to the world around us. Plant a tree to honor your special gift recipient and help offset our collective carbon footprint for as little as $39.95.

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The Heart of Rock’n’Roll Beats for the homeless at House of Blues locations from Coast to Coast

Posted on November 13th, 2007 by Corine in arts, media + culture 0 Comments

Shop + Give to the International House of Blues FoundationWe all know House of Blues (HOB) is the place to see and hear breaking, current and legendary musical talent — but did you know when and where they got started and what their International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF) is all about? I would guess not …

So here’s the scoop – it’s more than music that makes HOB a destination – it’s the celebration of diversity, racial and spiritual harmony through love, peace, truth, righteousness and non-violence that makes the House a home!

The original House of Blues at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts opened its doors to the public after first serving a group of homeless people on Thanksgiving Day, 1992. While the Cambridge HOB has since closed, the tradition of serving a home cooked Thanksgiving meal to the surrounding community’s less fortunate has continued on some level in most HOB locations*. Over the last 13 years the Sunset Strip HOB in Los Angeles, CA has served an average of 1,000 meals annually. In addition to enjoying a live, world famous HOB Gospel Brunch performance, a traditional turkey dinner with apple sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls with butter and fresh baked pumpkin pie is served to each guest.


These special Thanksgiving Day events are completely financed by HOB and through generous donations from its vendors, partners, and Foundation Room members. If you are interested in supporting this cause, HOB is accepting any of the above mentioned food products, disposable dinnerware, silverware, napkins and cups for that day.

* All locations participate with the exception of Anaheim, Dallas and Orlando – Please call your local HOB for more information.


As a current IHOBF member – I’d like to introduce the Foundation’s Mission below:

The International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF) is dedicated to bringing the arts to schools and communities through programs that increase public awareness of African American contributions to American culture. Foundation programs explore the history, art and music of the blues and demonstrate the vast influence of the blues on contemporary music and culture. Programs draw upon the universal language of music and art to encourage creative expression and cultural understanding.

International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF)

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