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Do Something 101

Posted on August 28th, 2009 by Mire in anything goes, staples 0 Comments


This summer, Staples and are making it easy for you to help the 13 million children in the US that live in poverty by getting them the basic supplies they need to go back to school.

Run a school supplies drive in your school, community or with your friends. See how many new school supplies you can collect this summer!

Drop off your supplies at any Staples store nationwide now through September 19th and we’ll make sure they get delivered to a child in need in your community.

Check out Ciara’s PSA supporting the Staples/Do Something 101 school supply drive.

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BedHead Pajamas Cozy Fall Collection

Posted on August 24th, 2009 by Jasmine in anything goes, bedhead pajamas, children's wear, menopause 0 Comments

It’s bittersweet when the hot days of summer begin waning into the breezy and chill nights of autumn.  Personally I’m a summer fanatic but I can’t deny the overwhelming joy of being able to slip back into a cozy set of pajamas.  In fact, as I scan my dresser drawers I realize I might just have more pajamas than regular clothes.  After all, some nights I feel the need to call upon the old faithful flannels and other nights it’s the magic of the sexy satins – one must be prepared. Whatever your preference may be, we all could use a great set of pj’s to make us feel cozy and warm.  At Bed Head Pajamas there is something for everyone, not to mention some of the cutest pj’s for children that I have ever seen.  For men, they have styles that are casual, classy and sexy all rolled into one.  Take a look.

From BedHead’s women’s collection, these two pajama sets are my absolute favorites. I could easily wear the flannel cheetah print jammies around the house all day long.  The only excuse I need is a rainy day, a good movie and a cup of delicious coffee.  The other set is a sateen kimono style pajama.  The colors and design are beautiful and the style is very sexy.  Give me a great book and a chaise lounge so I can feel completely spoiled in style.


Now, at some point in life all of us ladies must endure what I call “the rite of wisdom”.  Others might just call it hot, wet misery, but with these amazing pajamas below it doesn’t matter how you look at it, there is relief.  Bed Head has blessed us with a variety of pajamas made of Cotton Voile.  What is Cotton Voile?  It is a plain weave, gauze-like, free flowing material.  Garments made of this magical fabric are perfect for summer and brief waves of heat that come and go as they please whether we want them to or not.  The sheer quality of Voile allows for maximum airflow while still providing superb coverage. And, it should come as no surprise to you that these pajamas are both adorable and chic.


I find something terribly attractive about a man in pajamas, particularly in plaid prints. And, who can deny the simple allure of the basic white tee and shorts?


Here we have the children’s pajamas. Having a child of my own I have to admit I melt at the sight of my daughter in her jammies. I get tickled over wispy-eyed babies in cozy little footsie sleepers and cotton thermal sets. With BedHead Pajamas new children’s line, they have definitely found my tickle spot.


Last but surely not least, BedHead also offers other goods such as bedding and accessories. The bedding is very elegant and comes in most of the same prints as the pj’s. The fabrics, of course, are a gift to the touch.  And it doesn’t just stop there, BedHead has all the things we love like a warm pair of slippers, a luxurious robe or a cute little make-up case.


Our friends at BedHead are currently offering a free shipping code. Just enter “TRISJA” in the discount code box at checkout!  Oh – and sleep tight …

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Target Hits Bull’s-Eye for Back to School

Posted on August 24th, 2009 by Jasmine in target 0 Comments


I can’t believe it’s nearing the end of August already. As all the school employees are preparing our schools for the year ahead, those of us with kids are gearing up to shop for their back to school goods. Let us be grateful for the plethora of online discounts. As an avid online shopper myself, I’ve discovered that there are almost always deeper discounts on the web than in store. Of course, there are shipping fees. However, once you’ve factored in driving from store to store, filling up on gas, dragging the kids around and having to transform from mom to lioness just to survive the crowds of bargain thirsty consumers, you realize S&H fees aren’t so bad. What if you could escape the stress of the back to school shopping frenzy by purchasing absolutely everything you needed online at one single store while saving tons of money, giving back to our local communities, as well as your favorite nonprofit? Well, I decided to put one of my favorite stores to the test, because nothing excites me more than convenience mixed with huge savings. I went to and there was nothing I wasn’t able to find through their search function. Understand me here – I found everything I was looking for! Here are some basic back-to-school styles for kids that are super-cute as well as functional.


Also, as more and more public schools are switching over to the uniform only program, the styles for school uniforms are becoming more fashionable.  It’s not just polo shirts and pleated skirts these days.  I found some snappy looks for boys and girls who have the desire to stand out from the masses.  It’s just darling to see our kids wearing swanky threads.  I love the look of the button up oxford with a tie, and teacher will be thrilled to have such a dapper little student.


For the girls I found plenty of skirts and pants. What caught my eye was this navy button up dress with just a hint of late 1940’s casual style. Also, these khaki Bermuda’s with a white button up blouse are particularly cute.


To round out the back to school shopping experience, I also found some very cool backpacks.  As a child of the 80’s, I remember the trendy designs of the Jansport backpack.  It looks like the Jansport people are still just as much stuck in the 80’s as I am. The black and white checkered backpack featured below is reminiscent of my childhood skater days. For girls I found this adorable messenger bag. It’s just the right size for textbooks and has plenty of pockets, including three pockets for pens or pencils. As for lunchboxes has all the usual stuff but this Retro Tin Lunchbox is not only awesome as is, but your kids can get their creative with it too. The lunchbox comes with art supplies to design your own signature day glow art-box!!  Like it or not day glow will always be cool.

Prices for all of these items range from $9.99-$29.99 – really is on-target when it comes to back to school!

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