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It’s September… SHOP TEAL

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September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. There are numerous ways that you can show your support and help raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA). The easiest, most cost effective and fun way to contribute is by SHOPPING TEAL.

Why SHOP TEAL?  Not only is teal is the BIG color for fall, more importantly teal is the ovarian cancer community’s color and serves as a reminder that ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all the cancers of the reproductive system and a leading cause of cancer death among women.  There are hundreds of online retailers that feature teal items and we’ve teamed up with a number of these retailers to highlight their teal products.

The best part is that while SHOPPING TEAL, a percentage of your purchase will be earmarked to benefit OCNA.  Teal may not be everyone’s color, but not to worry, you can buy just about anything you want from our participating retailers and still have your purchase support OCNA.  We have plenty of retailers to share with you in order to help you begin your shopping adventure in support of Ovarian Cancer, but first, let’s get you familiar with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

Established in 1997, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance has become the foremost advocate for ovarian cancer in the United States. Until there’s a cure for the disease, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance will lead the national initiative to conquer ovarian cancer. The organization unites individuals and organizations at the local, state, and national levels to advance ovarian cancer research in the quest for early detection tests, improved health care practices, and development of live-saving treatment protocols. The OCNA is helping save women’s lives by raising awareness about this drastically understated disease. The organization teaches us to “Know your body. Know the symptoms. Help spread the word.”

So now that you have a better understanding of what OCNA does and how important their work is to all women with ovarian cancer and to their friends and families, I bet you’d like to know how you can help too! We’ve been working closely with a number of our retailers to highlight their teal products and have dedicated an entire category where you can just click on these teal products, buy them and help fund research and educational programs to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer.  While September 3rd is the official WEAR TEAL DAY to publicly show your support for the ovarian cancer community, we’re dedicating the entire month to encourage a SHOP TEAL movement!

We’ve got to give our friends at DHC For Beauty and Health a great big thank you for coming in with a super amazing promotion!  For the entire month of September DHC will give a $10 donation to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance on orders of $75 or more, plus free shipping!! If you’re thinking DHC?  Let us give you the scoop, they are the #1 skin care product sold in Japan – now, if you’ve ever envied the flawless beauty of almost every Japanese women you’ve seen under their umbrellas, it’s likely they’re big DHC fans.  We especially love their line of Q10 products and with a generous $10 contribution and a capacious variety of skin care, body care and fine foods products, it’ll be quite effortless to spend the $75 needed for both the contribution and the FREE SHIPPING!

Among other great retailers with teal colored products, you will find company’s such as:

red_candle red_pajamas red_bags red_vase

Another shout out for their generosity has to go out to RED ENVELOPE, PRO FLOWERS, SHARI’S BERRIES and CHERRY MOON FARMS!  Each of these retailers ear-mark $10 per transaction to benefit our nonprofit partners.  For the month of September, we’ve identified some beautiful teal products that we know you’ll love …


Brand new to our retailer line-up is LOFT (do the happy dance now) and they have been great in helping us select some really cute and cozy teal items …

top boat2 cowl2 sweater


We couldn’t be more pleased to have Chico’s on board as well – we’ve found some wonderful teal items that we hope you’ll enjoy.  Love the scarf and it just about goes with everything!!

scarf tunic skirt tank


And let’s not forget Macys – we found a cache of awesome accessories and home goods that are bound to round out your SHOP TEAL experience.  We gotta hand it to the Macy crew for approving our wish list of teal items and turning this around as quickly as they did – Thanks!

fiesta kors wrap_new blanket

Be sure to visit the SHOP TEAL PAGE to see more from Macys.

We wanted to tie this up with a couple more items – The fitness shape-ups from SKECHERS and these Persian Blue slip-ons from TOMS are a great way to show your support and spread the word by using the ‘shoelace’ express …

skechers toms

Does this list ever stop?  Actually it shouldn’t but we’re winding down for now …  for all those notes you’ve been meaning to write, check out the teal paper at PAPER SOURCE …. Mix it up or stay true to your colors, they’re a great resource for all your paper goods.


And finally to speak to the wellness aspect of surviving or living with cancer, more and more women are combining Western treatments with a holistic approach to healing both their bodies and minds.  TEAVANA has a huge assortment of wellness teas that are certainly worth a try.  SPAFINDER is a terrific resource to help you find the perfect wellness solution for a total body, mind and spirit overhaul – AND –during the week of September 20-26 SPAFINDER is running a special with savings on private yoga and pilates sessions, spa treatments and more, so be sure to check ‘em out!




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Eat, Pray, Love – Shop

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After reading the book, many of us desperately wanted to pull up our roots and follow Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ epic journey through Italy, India and Bali, where each destination unfolds to reveal its own sort of spiritual renewal — and now with the movie coming out on August 13, we can!! We can retrace her steps and indulge our fantasies, even to the point of falling in love on an exotic island halfway across the world.  This is THE movie-release of the summer for all of us suffering for a little wanderlust, a little work overload and a general lack of true romance and adventure…

We’ve put together a great shopping package to get you in the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ zone starting with The Home Shopping Network’s special promotion in honor of this inspiring memoir. Beginning August 6-8, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these magical countries with one-of-a-kind online shopping experiences. The HSN event features some of your favorite brands and will be showcasing new products while keeping in the spirit of the countries and characters of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.  We take our package a step further by giving you the how, the where and the when-can-I-leave to get to the love at the end of the rainbow…. Eat, Pray, Love, Shop!

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Daddies Make The World Go Around

Posted on June 14th, 2010 by Jasmine in Aspinal of London, Becker Surboards, Hammacher Schlemmer, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, anything goes, father's day 0 Comments

The month of May is flying by at an impressive speed. It feels like Mothers Day was just yesterday, and in the blink of an eye it will be Fathers Day.

For many of us these 2 particular holidays can be overwhelming. We often find ourselves scrambling to get a reservation at mom’s favorite restaurant, we go to great lengths to make sure that perfect bouquet of flowers is delivered to mom’s doorstep at precisely the right time, and just pray that the glue on that macaroni art the kids made dries before morning. And, just when you think you’ve survived Mothers Day it’s time to start shopping for a gift for dad.

But don’t let yourself get discouraged. Mom and dad raised you to believe in yourself, you can do it, and I can help!

I love Fathers Day! I am fortunate enough to have a father who makes it impossible not to smile when I look into his eyes. My father is always full of laughter. He is silly & fun, but lovingly firm in his role as a parent. However, my father is far from normal. He’s definitely not the kind of guy that you would give a new tie to as a Fathers Day gift. My gift needs to be creative, something that represents all of his crazy quirks & antics.
Every father is unique, so this year make his day special by celebrating those personal qualities that make him stand out from the crowd. Lucky for you I have plenty of ideas to get you started.


Hammacher Schlemmer has a huge variety of very unique gifts. With everything from apparel to gadgets & gizmos, it’s nearly impossible not to find a gift that dad will flip over. After spending much time combing through their website with a fine tooth comb, I was finally able to settle on just a few of my favorite items.


The LP  & Cassette to CD Recorder. This product is so cool I think I would buy it for my dad just so I could secretly use it for myself. If your father is anything like mine, he has endless stacks of old LP’s and ancient cassettes that are more valuable to him than the roof over his head. But, what good are they if you can’t enjoy listening to them wherever you go? Now dad can put ALL of his albums onto CD as well as enjoy the comforting sound of those old records with all their crackles and pops.


The Ventless Portable Air Conditioner. Perhaps dad is the type to spend countless hours in the garage tinkering away on classic motorcycles or home improvement projects, but it’s just so darn hot in there during the summer time, which just so happens to be his favorite time of year to task away. Do him a favor with this handy little air conditioner so he can work to his hearts content without passing out from the heat.


The Steering Wheel Bluetooth Speakerphone. Being a father is a full time job. Juggling work, family, and trying to maintain a social life is no easy task. So, give him an extra hand with this amazing speakerphone for his car. It cordlessly attaches to his steering wheel, placing the microphone and speakers closer to him for easier conversations without taking his hands off the wheel. It provides five hours of talk time & uses two 2-watt speakers coupled with noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies for clear transmission & reception. Inbound calls appear on the device’s 1/4″ H display as either numbers or names allowing him to accept or reject calls with a press of a button. Volume and phone book buttons allow further control right from the steering wheel. It can recall up to 10 of the most recently-dialed numbers and performs call-waiting. This device can store up to 600 groups of numbers.


I saved the best for last here. The Voice Activated R2D2. Almost every grown man I know has a little Star Wars nerd in him. Heck, I have a little nerd in me too. Sure dad might like a nice shiny golf club, or dress shirt, but deep down inside all he REALLY wants is his very own R2D2 robot to follow him around the house and obey his commands. R2 obeys more than 40 voice commands and he plays games like tag, using an infrared sensor to search for people in a room. His sensor helps him follow behind you, or it can be set to detect motion, turning R2 into a room sentry that sounds an alarm when a secured area is invaded. R2’s lights, swiveling dome top, and distinctive happy and sad sounds faithfully mimic the real thing, right down to his occasional “bad mood.” R2 can also replay sounds and dialog from Star Wars movies, answer yes-or-no questions, and dance while playing the famed cantina music. Enough said.


Now on to more classy gifts for the father with a refined taste. Aspinal of London is a great retailer for the man who prefers a more suave and polished image.


Speaking of polished…. This Shoe Cleaning Kit has everything dad needs to put his best foot forward. Seen here in Black English Bridle leather it’s probably the most practical and stylish ever designed and will ensure he steps out in style every day. The kit comprises of Neutral Shoe Cream with Beeswax, Black Wax Shoe Polish, one natural and one black shoe brush that can be used for buffing or applying polish, a suede brush and a fine quality duster for applying polish or buffing to a perfect shine.


Your father is a swanky fella and wouldn’t be caught dead sipping his favorite whiskey from some cheap plastic cup. When it’s time for him to sit back and relax with his comrades he deserves to chill in style, which he can do with this dashing leather hip flask. Each flask comes with two extra cups, neatly stored beneath the lid cap, so dad came share a dram with the boys.


The remote control, it seems to have a will of its own and tends to evade even the most organized man. We’ve all experienced the hunt for the remote, lifting couch cushions, peering beneath the living room furniture, and somehow we end up finding it in the most peculiar places like the backyard, or the bathroom. How about saving dad the repeated headache of searching for the remote by giving him The Remote Control Box? Hand crafted in England, the exterior of this fabulous Remote Control Box has been hand painted, gilded and finished to faithfully reproduce the appearance of a leather bound book. It’s classy and convenient.

kodak1 kodak_easy

Pictures are an amazing gift. Memories captured in time for all of eternity are a gift that never fades. To be the photographer or the subject, both are exciting. In my family we share photos as gifts for each and every holiday. At times they are simple gifts like snapshots, and when the occasion is more important we go all out and turn our photos into a variety of gifts, such as: mugs, posters, framed art, puzzles, coasters…. You name it we got it. At Kodak and Kodak Gallery you can purchase everything from basic point and shoot cameras to fine photo jewelry and everything in between. Kodak is an excellent retailer for younger children in the family who want to make a really special personalized gift for dad. With a little bit of help from an adult, the kids can design all kinds of amazing gifts.


For the father who is a social networking butterfly & a photo enthusiast, I would suggest the new KODAK EASYSHARE Z981 Digital Camera, where creativity and versatility come together. It zooms in faster, wider, and closer than ever, giving dad sharp, steady shots he’ll be proud to share. Kodak’s Share button lets you tag pictures directly from your camera for uploading to YouTube, FACEBOOK, FLICKR, and KODAK Gallery sites, plus e-mail too. Check the website for different models and prices of the EasyShare camera.


Another amazing EasyShare camera from Kodak, for the father who prefers live video over still photographs. The KODAK Zi8 Pocket Video Camera captures every experience in stunning 1080p HD video. While dad’s on the move he can stay in focus with integrated image stabilization. Then kick back and watch all the action on your HDTV or share the scene on Facebook or YouTube with a flick of the built-in USB arm.


This personalized photo calendar is one of my favorite gifts to design as well as receive. I have many from over the years and the best part is that when the year is over you can always crop and cut the photos out of the calendar for framing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. This is also a really fun project for the younger kids in the family. They can help you choose the photos for each month and compose special captions just for daddy. There are many different layout styles to choose from, you can start the calendar on any month you want and they prices start at just $19.99.

Where I live it’s a big a surf community. I know most of the dads in my neighborhood and every one of them hits the beach at 5am, before work, before the kids are even awake. These dads are seriously dedicated to the surf. They say the water beckons them and they must obey. If this sounds like your father then I know these gifts will make him the proudest daddy alive.


Becker has an enormous selection of beach apparel and there is no shortage of board shorts. I just really liked this particular pattern, but I’m sure you’ll have no trouble at all finding a pair that best suits your dad’s style.


The Fedora hat is a timeless accessory to any stylish mans wardrobe. Whether he’s wearing a suit or board shorts, he is definitely going to look sharp in this hat, which Becker has aptly named the “Mafia Fedora”.


No surfer is half the man he could be without a red hot longboard from Santa Cruz Surfboards. Sure, dad probably already has one or two boards already, but trust me it’s never enough. My dad has so many he keeps two of them at my house just so they’re available should he decide to visit long enough to take advantage of the beach by my house. Each board invokes a different feeling for its master which is why they use each one for different reasons.

There are so many different kinds of fathers out there. There is the tough & goal oriented father; the laid back & playful father; the spiritual father who let’s you make your own mistakes; the over-bearing father who scares away your dates……..

No matter who your father is, he is yours and yours alone. He deserves a Fathers Day that reflects your sentiments towards him. It’s not important how much money you spend on his gift, the important thing is that your gift shows your dad just how well you know him. It’s those small details that show your father you’re paying attention to what makes him happy, that in itself is the biggest gift of all. And, on Fathers Day be sure that you remember to wrap your arms around your father and hold him tight, because whether you are 5 or 45, you will always be his baby.

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Red Carpet Ready

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Have you ever found yourself staring into a closet filled with clothes but have absolutely nothing to wear? It’s a common dilemma that nearly every woman I know has faced on countless occasions. Even if you are an avid fashionista, you’re bound to find yourself with a bounty of threads that just doesn’t cut the mustard when it matters the most.

For Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss, two ordinary business school students, this fashion dilemma became a labor of love intended to free American women from the bondage of a lackluster love affair with clothing.


To some people these women are simply just Harvard graduates, but to me they are revolutionaries. With nothing more than a simple dream, buckets of blood, sweat and tears, and an amazing production team; they developed Rent The Runway.

What is Rent The Runway? It is an online company that gives regular woman like you and I the opportunity to wear red carpet fashions for a fraction of the price without having to make an eternal commitment to a piece of clothing you might never wear again. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Become a member of RentTheRunway.Com – It’s free to join. Once you’ve become a member you can browse through a seemingly endless array of A-list designers to find a dress or two that you love.

Step 2 – Schedule a delivery date and your dress will appear on your doorstep right when you need it. They’ll even send you a second back-up size of your dress – just to be safe!

Step 3 – After you’ve worn your dress just pop it in their handy pre-paid packaging and drop it in the nearest mailbox. The best part is that you don’t even have to dry clean it!

It’s really that easy. I know it sounds too good to be true, but I assure you this is not a dream. It is no longer necessary to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on designer fashions that may very well end up collecting dust in your closet after wearing it only once or twice. You’re friends will be in utter disbelief when you show up to their cocktail party in a Diane Von Furstenberg dress, or to a black tie event in a Bibhu Mohapatra gown.


But wait…. It gets better! Rent The Runway also has a giant collection of breathtaking accessories. Close your eyes and imagine for a moment the feeling of a Badgley Mischka necklace against your skin, or an edgy yet elegant Dannijo cuff on your delicate wrist.


The possibilities are endless, but most importantly these fashions are accessible on just about any budget. So what are you gonna do, sit around and drool longingly over fashion magazines, or make your desires a reality? You’d be crazy not to take advantage of what Rent The Runway has to offer.

Go now to Rent The Runway to sign up for your membership. There may a brief waiting period before your membership is accepted as there is no doubt a long waiting list, but not to worry, it is definitely worth the wait. I signed up and got accepted within one hour but I would have waited for days if I had to. Now I have the world of high fashion at my fingertips and so can you!

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As More Victims of Abuse Tell Their Stories — RAINN is a Safe Haven for Those in Need

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“Two years ago I turned to RAINN for help and advice and it made all the difference in my life… I owe my life to RAINN.”
- A 16-year old girl who was raped by her best friend’s brother


When I think of the month of May it brings images of beautiful Spring skies and flowers. During this time of year the weather is generally the most peaceful and inspiring, and conjures some of my favorite memories. There seems to be a nostalgic smell in the air of an entire lifetime of childlike frolicking and feelings of love. Spring is easily my favorite season of all. There are many reasons for my overwhelming enthusiasm towards Spring, one of the most important reasons is Spring’s representation of rebirth. This is a time when Mother Nature is replenishing herself and cultures all over the globe celebrate fertility rites.

During this month of fresh starts and new directions, I would like to pay homage to an amazing organization that has helped millions of women and men take a step toward rebirth. The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, known as RAINN, is the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization. We have Scott Berkowitz, founder & president of RAINN, to thank for this group that has had a profoundly staggering healing effect on the lives of millions.

A very close friend of mine has really found a lot of comfort in your organization and speaks so highly of you… The hope you have given my friend is alive in every smile, something I haven’t seen in a while.
- Friend of a hotline caller

  • The National Sexual Assault Hotline helps about 400 victims each day.
  • RAINN has been selected as one of “America’s 100 Best Charities” by Worth Magazine
  • RAINN led prevention and public policy efforts that contributed to a record 50% decline in sexual violence.
  • All services are free, confidential, and available 24/7


Since it’s inception in 1994, RAINN has developed enormous celebrity support – among them is co-founder and super star Tori Amos.  From the very beginning of her career Tori Amos has made no secret of her personal experience with sexual assault.  It is her fearless ability to speak about this horrifying epidemic that has put her on the map as one the worlds leading spokespersons for this crippling act of violence. During an interview Tori was quoted as saying, “Frankly, as a woman, and as a woman who wrote ‘Silent All These Years’ (a song about rape that appeared on 1992’s Little Earthquakes), I needed to stand up,” Amos explained. “It seemed to me that, sometimes, the material wanted to be overtly political. Sometimes the material wanted to be cheeky and seductive. Sometimes it wanted to be heartbreaking and deal with the inner world of women.”

Below is a letter written by Tori to inform people of the service that RAINN offers to anyone who needs it.

Dear Friends,
For the last two years, I’ve sung “Me and a Gun” at every concert as a way of healing the place inside myself that has been hurt, enraged, and numbed by violence. For many years, I shut down that place inside myself that needed to rage, cry, ask questions, and basically just express herself. I made a conscious choice when I put “Me and a Gun” on the record not to stay a victim anymore. You see, I was still a victim in my own mind from an experience that had happened a long time ago: I was still torturing myself. Passion, joy, and love were not things I felt I could have or deserved anymore. I’ve been encouraged by wise ones, who taught me how to develop inner tools where I can understand these scared places in my being. It took me many years to make the decision to deal with this, but a bitter woman was what I was becoming and when I was young I always saw myself as a passionate woman. I would say, “Well, she’s dead.” And the wise ones said, “It’s your choice, Tori, if you want to bring her back to life, you can. She’s only been sleeping-alone, in a very dark corner. It’s your choice and there is help out there.” I received a letter from a 13-year old girl in Paris whose stepfather has been molesting her for years. She wrote: “If I had known a phone number which would have been able to help me, I certainly would have dialed it. So, we can’t go on being blind and dumb: You don’t have to put the message with the help phone number out now. Maybe you’ll never do it, because of different reasons. You won’t be to blame for it. But, I want you to never forget that every day someone loses their dignity.”

Healing takes courage and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.

Love & Support,
Tori Amos

Tori has blessed millions of people worldwide with the courage and strength she portrays through her music. RAINN is just another tool she has developed for helping anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault, to help them find that voice inside themselves that has been silenced by fear and senseless shame.
To purchase albums by Tori Amos please visit the iTunes Store at:

For more information regarding Tori Amos and RAINN click on one of the links below:

RAINN was also founded thanks to the generous contributions of Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group, then part of Time Warner. Those music connections helped them build RAINN into a nationally known charity very quickly, despite their tiny budget, and introduced the hotline to millions of Americans.
The vital partners in all of their work have been the nation’s local rape crisis centers. At their launch in 1994, 347 local centers affiliated with RAINN to provide services to victims. Today they have over 1,109 local partners. Not to mention the star studded lineup of support from celebrities in every category of entertainment such as: Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon, Rachel Bilson, Kenneth Cole, Sarah McLachlan, R.E.M. & Bertis Downs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tim Roth, Mariska Hargitay, Hootie & The Blowfish, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Christina Ricci, David Schwimmer, Kevin Smith….to name a few.
Collectively, tens of thousands of volunteers and crisis center staff have teamed up to help callers to the National Sexual Assault Hotline. Every day and night, these dedicated people sit with victims through invasive emergency room exams; they listen to the anguished voices of callers and find a way to provide solace and support; and they coach the families and victims on playing a positive role in the recovery process.


If you would like to become involved as a volunteer or sponsor, there are many different options available. To name just a few:

  • Volunteer to work the hotline.
  • Become a corporate sponsor.
  • Join the Fashion For RAINN Campaign by:
  • Donating advertising space.
  • Be photographed in an advertisement.
  • Host a Fashion For RAINN Exhibition
  • Contribute to the production of Fashion For RAINN displays & editorials as a writer, photographer, creative producer, crew member, stylist, marketer, or advertiser.
  • Host a charity event.
  • Make simple donations through everyday online shopping at
  • Donate your time to local crisis centers.

If you find yourself in a situation where a loved one has been affected by sexual abuse and he/she has come to you for help, you can direct them to the RAINN hotline which is 1-800-656-HOPE or send to them the RAINN website at
Of course you can also help by simply being a shoulder to lean on. This can be a very heavy burden to bare, but each one of us needs a close friend or family member to lean on from time to time.

I am forever indebted to RAINN for giving me the strength and courage to move forward in my life.
-Anonymous hotline caller

I just want to thank you on behalf of all victims for the work that you are doing. I can’t begin to tell you how much RAINN has helped me. Keep up the wonderful work. You are angels, and I hope God blesses you.
-Letter from a caller to the National Sexual Assault Hotline

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Such A Sweet Deal

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Spring is in the air and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about that special gift for the woman who brought you into this beautiful world. As a mother myself there is no sweeter day to celebrate the miracle of motherhood. In my household we refer to Mother’s Day as my birthday. You might wonder why since obviously this is not the day I was physically born, but to me becoming a mother represents the day my purpose in life was born.

Motherhood is no easy task. Aside from all the day to day responsibilities of raising a child there is one thing that makes this job the hardest in the world….the burden of love. I used to think of this phrase “burden of love” as a negative thing. How could they use a word like burden to refer to such an amazing gift, but then I had my own child and I quickly came to understand.

The burden itself is the sleepless nights that for me didn’t stop at that point where my baby began to sleep through the night. After 10 years, I still find myself resting my hand on my child’s chest while she sleeps to make sure there is a rise and fall of safe breathing. The burden is sending your child to school and accepting the fact that you can not have eyes on them at every waking moment. The burden is having a child with a tiny little cough and stuffy nose and feeling like it’s the end of the world, calling the nurses hotline at 4am, panicking over nothing, and maybe, just maybe, over doing it with warm blankies, teddy bears, checking temperatures every 20 minutes, and trying to concoct the perfect homemade remedies from random goods in your kitchen.

The list of “burdens” go on and on. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the burden itself is not your child, it’s the overwhelming amount of unnecessary stress that we as mothers put upon ourselves simply because the love that we have for our children is the most intensely consuming emotion we could ever experience. This is a burden I am grateful to have. This is why Mother’s Day is the most important day of the year for me and for so many millions of mothers across the globe.

When we think about all the sacrifices our mothers have made to ensure we have a happy healthy existence, it’s hard to imagine how we could possibly show our gratitude in just one day and with just one gift. That is why I would like to share with you a very special offer that will not only impress mom, but you can make her gift something that will serve as a daily reminder of just how much you appreciate her lovingly neurotic approach to giving you a memorably fulfilling life.

Right now ProFlowers, Red Envelope, Shari’s Berries and Cherry Moon Farms are offering a very exciting opportunity to our non-profit “shopanthropists”. With every transaction made when you purchase from these four sites, $10 dollars will be earmarked for your favorite non-profit. Isn’t that incredible? You could buy something for $5 or $50….no matter what….they will donate $10!!

Your mother would be so proud of you for making such a generous purchase. There are tons of great gifts for mom from all four retailers. I would love to share some of my favorite picks with you. Each item is a beautiful and thoughtful gift, perfect for reflecting your sentiments towards mom.



Mom will LOVE this digital brag book which sports a 3 ½” LCD screen and stores up to 2,000 photos! This item usually sells for $119.95 but if you hurry you can purchase it for $79.99


All women love jewelry but this stacking ring set is particularly special. It is beautifully crafted from sterling silver & set with cultured freshwater pearls to represent family. Price starts at $39.95. Buy the set of 3 rings for smaller families or the set of 5 rings for larger broods.


Your mother helped you blossom, so thank her with this elegant vase to display those grand bouquets that you love to randomly surprise her with. Delicately etched with the words “A Mothers Love Is Always In Bloom”. This vase goes for $49.95


Moms love to entertain, it’s just another excuse for us take care of the people we love. Here is a simply chic serving tray for a variety of appetizers that is sure to please any palette. This fancy entertaining accessory is only $69.95


Let’s not forget that mom works very hard to stay beautiful every day. It’s not easy having the weight of the world on your shoulders and still finding the time keep in good physical health. At the end of the day it would be such a blessing to have something truly luxurious to slip into, something that makes her feel like royalty when she finally rests her head at night. Made of silk and adorned with mother-of-pearl buttons, these fabulous pajamas come in their very own silk travel pouch that can be embroidered with a personal message up to 20 characters in length. Its $99.95 well spent.



Flowers are a basic and simple staple to make any woman smile, but this Azalea Bonsai plant is very special for two reasons. 1. Azaleas are gorgeously vibrant when in bloom. 2. Any potted plant, especially a bonsai will last for years, which is far better than a cut bouquet which will whither in a weeks time.


This beautiful spring colored bunch of mixed flowers comes with a copy of the book “Chicken Soup For The Soul: A Tribute To Moms”. Perfect? Yes!


The Heather plant is a very romantic and unique plant. A plant of Scottish origin, it boasts a pinkish purple hue. Both the plant and the colors are therapeutic. Again, a potted plant is a gift that keeps on giving. In its rustic wooden box it’s an aesthetically pleasing companion to a bubble bath.


ProFlowers has MUCH more than just flowers. Here is a truly unique gift that will have moms mouth watering for the whole year. Fruit is not only good for you, but it’s a deliciously guilt-free treat. Purchase this “Harvest Deluxe” fruit club for 12 months of free weekday delivery directly to your doorstep, and enjoy a variety of fresh seasonal fruits.



Every woman will love this Pink Ribbon chocolate collection. Not only is it filled with flawlessly handcrafted & delectable chocolate covered strawberries, but it supports a cause that every woman in the world stands behind. Mom will be very impressed with this one. Purchase this delicious dozen for $34.98 and 10% of your sale will be contributed to the Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation.


For those ladies who are trying to watch their weight or perhaps have special dietary needs there is no need to panic. Shari’s Berries has a great selection of sugar-free berries, like this one for only $49.97. They have all the flavor and none of the sugar!!


You will find a fabulous variety of gifts through Shari’s Berries that are not just limited to berries. This gift basket is chock full of goodies for a romantic night at home or creating the perfect girls night. The price is fabulous too – $59.99


You have got to be kidding me! Chocolate and peanut butter covered strawberries? These look so insanely tasty that I am finding it hard to continue typing at the moment. If somebody gave this to me as a gift I think I would go weak in the knees. You will have to spend $24.99 for this treat but something tells me the joy it will deliver is priceless.



The Reasons I love Mom Truffle Box. There are countless reasons to love mom but this mothers day start by telling her 10. Each box contains a heartwarming message on the outside and 2 delicious truffles on the inside, for only $29.99. This gift also comes in sugar-free!


Most moms really need the help of a pick me up to get their engines running each morning. For myself, I couldn’t possibly get through the day without at least 3 cups of coffee. Mom will love this gift box filled with delicious coffee, a variety of snacks and goodies, and a French press with coffee scoop for perfect measuring. A cup of coffee made through the French press method delivers the most satisfying flavor possible, the way a cup of coffee was intended to taste. This gift is neatly packaged in a keepsake faux suede photo box, so mom can have a place to safely store her precious memories. At $44.99 this gift is a steal.


The garden tote for mom. This is a neat little collection of tea, cookies, seeds and garden tools. At the end of a hard days work in the garden mom can relax with a soothing cup of English Breakfast black tea and butter toffee shortbread cookies. Each tote costs $44.99


One thing women love is a simple picnic on a beautiful spring day. This Wine Country Picnic set is perfect for a relaxing day at the park. Each set comes complete with: Kenwood red table wine, beef salami, toasted herbed almonds, camembert cheese, chocolate biscotti, toasted sesame crackers, Napa Valley mustard, wood cheese board, and cheese spreader in a complimentary wood box. This is a fantastic deal at $39.99!!

It’s hard to draw the line by showing you only a few of the amazing items from each retailer, but if this isn’t enough to tantalize you then I don’t know what is. However, I assure you that your mother will love any one of these indulgent gifts. Take a look for yourself and see what you can find. Most importantly keep in mind that with each transaction, no matter how big or small, you will help the non-profit you support by donating $10 dollars. Don’t be afraid to mention that contribution to mom when you hand her your gift. She will just glow with pride for having raised such a selfless and devoted child.

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Houston, We Have a Problem, Turbo Tax Update

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In our ninth list of Top 10 Procrastinating Cities, Houston takes America’s most tax procrastinating city for the fourth time. Houston, looks like we have a problem. To help Houston residents and tax procrastinators at large, we’ve pulled together some quick and easy tips so you can act fast to file your taxes before the April 15 tax deadline. Like any good procrastinator, if you need a distraction, go ahead and play with this fun interactive visual that shows which cities slacked off on filing their taxes early last year before diving into the tips at the bottom.

Free Tax Filing, Efile Taxes, Income Tax Returns

Last-Minute Tax Tips for Procrastinators:

  • Even procrastinators can save money on their taxes.  For example, taxpayers have up until the April 15 deadline to contribute to an IRA.
  • Don’t forget charitable contributions made in 2009.  Even mileage to and from volunteering is deductible.
  • Go online. Taxpayers can go online to prepare and e-file taxes up to the 11th hour at
  • E-file.  Taxpayers can avoid the long lines at the post office and can get their refund back in as little as 8 days with direct deposit.
  • Learn what tax breaks are disappearing. Better catch them before April 15.
  • In the market for a home? It’s still not too late to get the Homebuyer Credit now rather than having to wait until next year.
  • Need more time? Taxpayers will get an extra 6 months to file (to Oct. 15 2010). But remember…an extension to file is NOT an extension to pay taxes. TurboTax Easy Extension allows you to file your personal or business extension online.
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March 14 — Celebrating Mother’s Day Across the Pond

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Just one day to celebrate how amazing Mum is? It’s hardly enough. The woman who has put her life into celebrating your existence, molding you, guiding you and helping you through every one of life’s trials from first steps to first kisses and all the way to first mortgages deserves much more than a day… the woman deserves a medal!

You’ve never been easy and yet somehow she has loved you through it all. The few responsibilities on your side of this relationship include showering her with gifts on Mother’s Day. Something a grateful child like you surely planned for weeks ago…

Pardon me, what was that? Oh, I see. You haven’t found anything for Mum yet… True, finding a gift that embodies the miracle that is your mother can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got a list of retailers that is so unique you are certain to find a treasure for your beloved Mum (and these gifts will not only make Mummy happy but will help to make a difference in the world too). Now that’s how she raised you. Well done!


Liberty of London knows that a little luxury goes a long way. This sentiment is reflected in their collection of stylish gifts that sing classic femininity. Pamper Mum with a beauty set or choose from a fabulous fragrance selection. Perhaps choose something from a range of gifts, from iconic silk scarves, candles and stunning leather accessories to eye-catching stationary sets, journals or flowers.

What – too many choices? The Liberty Gift Coin could be the perfect solution, a minted coin redeemable on any item in the Liberty store so she can choose for herself from a vast array of treats.



This store is marvelous! Known not only for their exquisite designs, but also for the positive social impact every sale inspires. Every beautiful garment that People Tree makes is connected to an equally beautiful change happening somewhere in the world. They provide you with exclusive fashions while, at the same time, improving the lives and environment of artisans and farmers in developing countries who work to produce it. It’s Fair Trade throughout.

Mum’s going to love hearing that her gift helped support socially responsible trade, as well as knowing that a percentage of her gift purchase went to her favorite nonprofit group. This may even upgrade you to favorite-child status!



Looking for something truly unique? NOVICA is calling. At the deepest essence of their philosophy, they are committed to making the world a smaller place. They want you to feel an attachment to the product you buy and to know who created it. They give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents while providing you with access to extraordinary, hard-to-find items at great values that only the Internet infrastructure can allow.

The beauty and excellence that each item exudes, along with a story that can be traced back to the hands of its creator, will make your Mum’s day – quite grand indeed!



Know a fashionista mum-to-be? You’ll find that the art of maternity apparel takes center stage at A Pea in the Pod.  Gift her from a selection of maternity clothes from all her favorite designers – Lilly Pulitzer, Splendid, Velvet, Vince and more. Choose from trendy maternity blouses to classic maternity skirts and knickers with both belly elastic and a whole lotta Va-Va-Voom!



Having had a baby is one thing that unifies all mothers everywhere. No Mother wants her baby to go without basic necessities that could give her child a chance at life. Your Mum is empathetic to how scary it can be when trying to provide all the things that will keep a beloved baby alive and thriving. She will adore a gift that supports children in need around the world through purchases made from the UNICEF store. UNICEF’s sales all go towards providing essential vitamins, vaccines and insecticide to hundreds of thousands of children each year. Oh, and did I mention that their store is full of hand crafted items of impeccable taste and beauty?



Treat Mum to a cozy night with the fire going, a nice cup of tea and her favorite BBC programme. Find all her fav hits at one convenient store! Plus you can preorder items and be the first to own hot-off-the-press DVD’s.


We all know everything you need – can be found at Marks and Sparks. It is truly the one stop shop! Of course you’ll find something for Mum and probably a few things for yourself as well… With the convenience of online shopping do it all from the comfort of your own home.



One of my favorites designers… Ted Baker does Mod so well! Simple yet classic designs are sophisticated and sharp while maintaining a Rock N’ Roll edge. If your wife juggles motherhood and a full time job go ahead and get her something so chic she can forget, for a moment, the stressful balancing act that is her life. Let her indulge a bit in fashion therapy – sometimes it makes all the difference in the world…



Mum’s got a green thumb? Get her all geared up for Spring planting. Flowers, veggies, tools, composters and clever gift packages will quite certainly make her day.



Or maybe you just want to stick to the classics – every Mother LOVES flowers. You simply can’t go wrong with a gorgeous bouquet. You also can’t go wrong with free shipping on Mother’s Day weekend! Whether it’s traditional or out-of-the-ordinary gifts you’re looking for this Mother’s Day, you are sure to find the perfect item at


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Jasmine’s Global Love Letter

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Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that has a strange and murky history. Nobody knows for sure how it began, but the two most common tales are rather interesting. Some believe it is based on the life of Saint Valentine who in third century Rome was ordered to be put be put to death by Emperor Claudius II for secretly performing marriages for young lovers after Claudius had outlawed marriage for young men – his crop of potential soldiers.

It has also been said that Valentine was put to death for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. Either way you look at, this Saint Valentine was a truly noble man with love for his fellow human.

Others believe that Valentine’s Day is a Christian take on the Pagan holiday Lupercalia. Lupercalia, which commenced on February 15, was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus & Remus.

Whatever the factual history may be, this special holiday has simply become a day to love and be loved.


Now I’ll be honest, for much of my life I have been known as a scrooge over this holiday. I didn’t exactly possess that classic beauty that boys were looking for in a mate, so needless to say I was quite the wallflower when it came to meeting that special someone. However, as I’ve aged I have discovered that there are many different kinds of love in the world. Like the love we have for our children, our pets, our families, our neighbors, our colleagues & so on. That is how I learned that Valentine’s Day does not have to be a dreadful day of loneliness. To me it has become a day to share my heart with each and every person who inspires me. And it doesn’t stop there; Valentines can be shared with more than just loved ones. We have quite powerful hearts and we can extend our love to the earth, to animals, and people all over the globe. So this year I challenge you to change your mindset about this holiday and join me as a thoughtful consumer by transforming your online gift shopping into a global love letter.

There are so many fun and unique online retailers that you can reach through that can help you find the perfect gift for loved ones young and old while helping you support the non-profit organization’s that are dear to your heart.

I’ve put together a collection of some of the coolest online stores to find really standout gifts….


Rather than red roses, try a more exotic flower like the orchid. It’s such an elegant flower and with potted plants you will be giving a gift that will last much longer than fresh cut flowers.



It’s no secret that women adore diamonds but another thing they really love is jewelry that reflects their love of art and beauty. These few pieces from are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They have fresh concepts with striking craftsmanship.


Both and provide irresistibly fine foods and kitchen goods that are sure to deliver a promising evening of indulgent romance. Few things are more enjoyable than spending the evening cooking an unforgettable meal with the love of your life. The time you spend working together in the kitchen, while sharing hopes and dreams together creates priceless memories. Here are some delicious gifts that will sweep your sweetheart of his/her feet….

The items below from are definitely not your common Valentines gift’s, but who says you can’t give a fabulous pannini grill or wine saver to the person you love? Gifts like this have a creative edge and they are fun for both of you.


At you will find a wide variety of mouthwatering specialty foods. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but guess what fellas – the same goes for women. Most women wouldn’t admit it but trust me – if you lay out a fancy spread of gourmet cheeses, succulent meats, and that perfect bottle of wine….she’ll be eating out of your hand quite literally.


To finish off your romantic meal it helps to surprise her with a treat. But why settle for basic chocolates like every other Joe Schmoe out there when you can send her over the top with these mini cupcake chocolates. Each one is filled with a sophisticated ganache in three different flavors – champagne, strawberry, and passion fruit.


The gift giving doesn’t stop there. What about the kids, and the family pet? I happen to be quite the expert in gift giving with children and teens so here are a few ideas to help you earn the mom or dad of the year award….


At you will find one of the coolest toys I have ever seen, it’s called the “Muppet WhatNot”. Much like the concept of Build-A-Bear, the Muppet WhatNot is a fully customizable Muppet doll. The little ones will go crazy over this!! Here’s an example of two possible dolls your child can create….


And for the teens in your life? Girls are simple, all it takes is a fabulous new pair of shoes or some real quality make-up but you might want to go for a gift card on this one. It’s better to let the young ladies choose those items on their own, and it gives them an opportunity to do some shopping which secretly ends up being a second gift. Here are two great retailers to shop from….



Teen boys can actually be a tad bit trickier to shop for. However, there is one thing that every boy has in common – they all want to be rock stars!! Guitar Center can help them get started….

The 1974 Fender Stratocaster: quite possibly the most popular electric guitar ever.



There is also the Ludwig Junior drum set, perfect for blossoming percussionists – if you can handle the noise.



Finally, if you have a pet don’t forget to show it some extra love.  They are always there for us when we get home from a hard days work and they love us unconditionally. Shouldn’t we show them the same devotion? There is a huge selection of goodies available for pets these days, but the leopard print chaise pictured below is my absolute favorite item, currently sold at Petco. It’s pure luxury for our furry friends.


I wish all of you the most beautiful Valentines Day in 2010. May your hearts be filled with endless love. Remember, this is a day for everyone….even the lonely. You can make an enormous difference in somebody’s life by simply showing them that you think of them….no matter how big or small your gifts may be.

As my Valentine gift to you I’d like to share with you my secret weapon for bringing joy to every person I see and meet. It starts with a motto – “Smile on, pass it on”. It’s very simple, just smile at every person you see and chances are they will feel special inside. They will take that joy you gave them and pass it on with a smile to the next person they see….and so on….and so on. These days a smile can go a VERY long way.

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Good Boy!

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People often wonder how he asked me… and to be honest I can’t remember what exactly was said. All I know is that the moment I saw the ring – everything else in the world went mute.

The symbolism in the diamond was speaking to me and even though I had never been a believer or even a dreamer of this moment – I was overcome by its power just the same.

When it comes to relationships, there’s so much strength that one can draw from the symbolism of a diamond. The diamond has reigned supreme for centuries as the symbol for love, excellence, purification, power, strength, brilliance and unparalleled beauty. For not only are they rare and striking but no tool can cut them and even the fiercest fire will leave a diamond unscathed.

So when someone gives you one – you know they are not messing around. You are wearing the symbol of their unwavering commitment to you as a partner in life and every time you look down at the many sparkles – you see the reflection of their deepest love and spirit.

I flaunt my ring around now and wink to people when I say my fiancé is a “good boy!”  Because not only did he tell me in no uncertain terms that I am the Princess but he made sure that both my diamond and the gold holding it were ethically sourced. Then to add one more cherry on top – a percentage of the cost of my ring was earmarked for my favorite nonprofit. Quite the knight-in-Shining-Armor that one…

We understand that the process of choosing your first diamond can be overwhelming, on top of being the biggest of romantic gestures – purchasing a diamond needs to be done conscientiously and there’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye.  Buying a diamond online may sound strange but for all these reasons it’s quickly gaining popularity. Websites like Blue Nile really grasp the experience and peace of mind a thoughtful shopper is looking to have.


Sometimes the mere vastness of information that needs to be considered will stop a determined lover dead in their tracks on the path to finding the perfect ring. Blue Nile caters to this customer – the first timers – who may be a little overwhelmed by all the options.

For starters being in the comfort of one’s own home really helps fight the pre-proposal jitters. Then Blue Nile walks you through the necessary education in a fun and user-friendly kind of way. Like the Zappos of diamonds you can then purchase your rings risk free – meaning anything you buy can be shipped back free of charge if you don’t end up liking it in person. So from start to finish you can eliminate unnecessary pressure. Choosing and customizing the perfect engagement ring has never been so easy…


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